What Is The Best Torque Wrench For Cars 2017?


When it comes to your car and if you’re carrying out repair work on it you will need to buy a torque wrench for it. The reason for this is that a car undergoes a lot of vibration in its day to day work. The consequence this brings is that if you haven’t tightened a bolt on it up enough, it can result in the bolt coming loose.

This is especially true when it comes to securing a wheel to the car. This could be potentially fatal if you haven’t secured a wheel and it comes off when you’re driving. This is especially true on wheels that have 35 inch tires

However, the other side of the coin is that if you tighten it too much, it can be extremely difficult to remove the wheel (or whatever item the bolt is securing to the car). The end result of this is that you can actually damage the component itself as well as the bolt when removing it. This will in turn result in you paying a lot of money out in order to get the item repaired. In some cases it may even be the case that a brand new part will be needed.

However, the way to get around this situation is to use a torque wrench. This is a special kind of ratchet that that allows you to tighten bolts on a car to the desired torque (measured in Newton Metres or foot pounds). The torque of each component in your car can be found in the cars hand book, or it can be found online. Torque wrenches are extremely easy to use and the best ones making a clicking noise when the desired torque has been reached so that you don’t overtighten the bolt and cause the aforementioned damage.

There are a wide variety of torque wrenches online, all of varying quality. However, the Tekton have produced a high quality torque wrench that has a range of 10-150 foot pounds. This is a rather wide range that will allow you to carry out a wealth of tasks in repairing your car. This is made of high quality steel and it doesn’t have any plastic in it at all. The benefit of this is that it won’t break if you drop it, nor will it wear it over time. It also has a click function on it so it will click when you have reached the preset torque of your choice.

It is also highly accurate with it having an accuracy of +/- 4% thanks to it being pre-calibrated before it leaves the factory. It also comes in a high quality carrying case for further protection and easy transportation.  For those that prefer to use Newton Metres as a torque measurement, it also has a scale for this on the wrench. It is also provided with a conversion chart from Foot pounds to Newton Metres.  This is the best torque wrench that you can buy online at such a low price point. To read more reviews about it, click here in the USA. If you are in the UK, you can read more reviews of it here.

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